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The State Government has established a catchment management system to effectively implement integrated catchment management as a tool for ecologically sustainable development of our natural resource based industries, the protection of land and water resources and the conservation of natural and cultural heritage.

As part of this system, Catchment Management Authorities were created to maximise community involvement in this system and ensure transparency in decision making on these issues.

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The WGCMA is directed by a skills based Board appointed by Government and is responsible for strategic and policy direction for the integrated management of land, biodiversity and water through South, Central and West Gippsland.

Statement of Obligations
This Statement of Obligation (‘Statement’) is issued under the provisions of the Water Act 1989 and relates to existing function, responsibilities and powers of CMAs under the Water Act as well as associated government policy.

Community Engagement
The WGCMA has a long and successful history of partnerships and collaborative projects that deliver environmental benefits across Gippsland.

Landcare in the West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority has a long and proud history, characterised by a committed and motivated grass roots community that have set about addressing NRM issues in the region.

Regional Maps
The West Gippsland catchment region extends from Warragul through to the Gippsland Lakes and the Great Dividing Range to Wilsons Promontory.

WGCMA Corporate Publications
This section features the WGCMA’s corporate documents including Annual Reports and Information Flyers

About our region

Learn more about the diversity of the West Gippsland Region

Protected Disclosure Procedure

We're required to publish information on our website about how to make a protected disclosure.

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