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Employment Opportunities

Thanks for your interest in working with us. We currently don't have any positions available, make sure you check back soon.



Flood studies - the deadline for tender submissions is 5:00pm on Thursday, 28 August 2014.

We are seeking tenders to undertake a package of three individual flood studies for Traralgon, Rosedale and Seaspray.  We intend to let the three studies to a single consultant under a single contract.

We will engage specialised technical expertise to develop flood models for each of the three towns and to undertake detailed flood studies. Tenders are invited from suitably qualified consultants, who must have relevant experience in hydrology, hydraulics, Geographic Information Systems and the development of complex computer-based flood models.

If you are interested and believe you can put together a team with the necessary capabilities please download copies of the project briefs below


Additional information

A potential tenderer has asked about the extent of the Latrobe River Flood Study hydraulic modelling, particularly as it relates to the towns of Traralgon and Rosedale. Links to maps showing the extent of Latrobe River Flood Study 1% AEP modelling are included below.  Inflows from all significant tributaries were accounted for in the Latrobe study, but the hydraulic modelling is limited to the Latrobe River floodplain and does not show tributary flooding.






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