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Priority Crown Frontage Licence Review

This project is a partnership between the Department of Sustainability and Environment, catchment management authorities and Melbourne Water. Project management staff have been appointed to carry it out, accelerating the work being done to review and improve river bank management in priority areas.

About The Project

As set out in the Victorian River Health Strategy 2002 and related regional river health strategies, catchment management authorities and Melbourne Water are progressively reviewing the management of land alongside waterways.

The Priority Crown Frontage Licence Review Project is part of that. Its aim is to improve management of Crown land alongside waterways, recognising that it has a big impact on waterway health. If the land is not well managed through stock fencing
and control and maintaining vegetation cover, the waterway and water quality can suffer.

The project will do two things:

  • Identify and update about 600 Crown Frontage Licences held by people for agricultural purposes, who have already improved their river bank management
  • Contact up to 800 other Crown Frontage Licensees using priority public land alongside waterways for agriculture to see if they are interested in voluntarily improving their river bank management through fencing and/or revegetation

For Further Information

Contact: WGCMA Reception
Ph: 1300 094 262
DSE Customer Service Centre
Ph: 136 186

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