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Gippsland's rivers and creeks are important features of the landscape, providing environmental, social and economic benefits to the region.

River Health

It is a priority to maintain and improve the health and flow of the region's waterways. The WGCMA provides strategic direction, project and business management for issues and projects specifically related to river health.

Protection of river health includes investigating, protecting and enhancing water quality, environmental flows, water resources and wetland habitats. Supporting these activities is the Waterwatch program of monitoring and evaluation, community engagement and education.

Integrated projects are generated and delivered in partnership with agencies, landholders and community groups that result in river health benefits along hundreds of kilometres of Gippsland's waterways each year.

PDF_p The West Gippsland River Health Strategy is available here.

Water Quality

Water quality is influenced by environmental events, land-use and human activity within catchment systems. The quality of water in our waterways is of vital importance in maintaining river health, and is enhanced through river restoration work.

It should be noted that changes in the quality of water in our systems through management intervention can take several years to be realised.

Gippsland's Water Quality Plan - contact the WGCMA on 1300 094 262 for a copy of this plan.

Environmental Water Reserve

In the West Gippsland catchment management region the WGCMA manages the Environmental Water Reserve. The EWR contributes to improved river health by restoring natural seasonal patterns of water flow. The water comes from flow shares, efficiencies and savings generated through improved resource management.  Further information on the Environmental Water Reserve is available here.


Wetlands provide specialised habitat for a great diversity of flora and fauna. They help trap and filter sediments and nutrients from incoming water flow, an action that contributes to improved water quality in our region.

Importantly, wetlands provide for a range of water, and leisure activities for both the local community and visitors to Gippsland. Two of the region's high value wetlands are the Gippsland Lakes and Corner Inlet.

PDF_p The West Gippsland Wetlands Plan - Part A is available here.
PDF_p The West Gippsland Wetlands Plan - Part B is available here.


West Gippsland Waterwatch is part of a national community water quality monitoring program that has been operating since 1993. Through Waterwatch, groups' link with each other, share discoveries, compare findings and build a picture of the health of waterways across West Gippsland.

New Waterwatch publications

Waterwatch 2010/2011 Annual Report

Waterwatch 2010 Data Report 

Click here for more information about Waterwatch or contact your local Waterwatch Facilitator by calling 1300 094 262.

All Regional Water Publications are available here.


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