Environmental Water

In today’s environment it is more difficult for rivers to function as healthy ecosystems and to recover from drought. This is because water is extracted from them to sustain agriculture, towns and industry. Victoria has water set aside specifically for the environment. We are responsible for the planning and delivery of environmental water in our region.

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Environmental water is important

River systems across our region are a significant source of consumptive water supply. Because of this, these river systems have become highly regulated and river flows are significantly modified from their natural patterns. This has effects on the health of our waterways.  Environmental water is delivered to restore some of the natural flow patterns in order to maintain, protect or enhance the condition of important ecological values that still remain.

Watch this short video to learn more about the significance of environmental water.

The annual environmental watering report “Reflections – environmental watering in Victoria 2015-16” has been released by the Victorian Environmental Water Holder, this highlights the importance of environmental water in Victoria.

Visit the VEWH website if you would like to learn more about environmental water, why it is important, what it aims to achieve, and how we measure success.

Environmental water in our region

Water entitlements that relate to our region are all held by the Victorian Environmental Water Holder (VEWH) and are outlined VEWH’s Seasonal Watering Plan 2015-16.

There are four systems in our region that can receive water from the Environmental water holdings, the Latrobe, Thomson and Macalister rivers and the lower Latrobe wetlands.