Community Engagement Network

Our community engagement network (CEN) is a board appointed forum that identifies community needs and issues in natural resource management, provides community perspective into strategies and plans, strengthens our profile and reputation in the community.

The CEN includes a geographic spread of individuals with a range of industry experience, interests, and demographics, an understanding of NRM in the region, and an emphasis on strong community connections.

Board members, Belinda Nave and Jodie Mason are chair and deputy chair of the CEN.

Since 2019 the CEN have met in

  • Traralgon
  • at Heart Morass near Sale
  • online virtual tour of the high country

CMA and other agency staff have presented on current works programs, partnerships and community engagement. In between meetings CEN members get regular information, updates and input opportunities into CMA and other NRM plans and strategies.

There are currently 25 members (15 male and 10 female) of the CEN comprising

  • an even geographic spread of the region and varying ages.
  • occupations include a range of industries including dairy, horticulture, farming, fishing, education, arts and business.
  • recreational interests include hunting, four-wheeldriving, twitching, walking, surfing, camping, kayaking, recreational fishing, blogging, and more.
  • members have connections with over 150 Gippsland groups, businesses, NRM agencies and others.

CEN terms are three years with the current term due to be completed in December 2021.

CEN members standing in a group at Heart Morass near Sale

CEN members

  • Barry Rogers
  • David McAninly
  • Diedre Griepsma
  • Michael Hobson
  • David Sutton
  • Peter Warner
  • Rhonda Hastie
  • Anthony Pitt
  • Max Fletcher
  • Anna Larkin
  • Gerard Condon
  • James Stranger
  • Ian Code
  • Trevor Colvin
  • David Miekle
  • Jo Caminiti
  • Liz Fleming
  • Madeline Watts
  • Natasha Marty-Cripps
  • Jim Forsyth
  • Nicole Creaser
  • Natalie Goodfellow
  • Evan De Gooyer
  • Joey Boothby
  • Geoff Gooch