Current Projects

We are hard at work partnering with landholders and others to improve West Gippsland’s catchments from the mountains to the sea.

Take a tour of our current Priority Projects listed below, to learn about the planning behind them, why they are needed works and partners involved and timelines for each.

Projects span from the Powlett River Estuary to Rainbow Creek, up into the Alpine Headwaters and along some of West Gippsland’s major rivers – all areas with high environmental values and the ones that are at most immediate risk.

We have been working in some of these areas for many years. This page details the work we will be doing with communities and landholders over the next five years or so and reflects funding under what is known as the Environmental Contribution.

We are in the fifth version of the Environmental Contribution, so we sometimes use the abbreviation EC5 when discussing these projects.

You can also look back on our previous projects, and discover more about our achievements to date. These include Willow Control and Working with Landcare Groups to Improve Catchment Health.

We’ll keep this page updated, so you can come back and see how each project is tracking. 

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