West Gippsland Floodplain Management Strategy

During 2017 we prepared the West Gippsland Floodplain Management Strategy to help communities understand their flood risk and take action to minimise the risk to themselves and their property.

The final copy of the Floodplain Management Strategy is now available

The strategy helps coordinate agencies and communities to minimise flood risks.

This strategy

  • helps agencies with flood emergency management functions to align their priorities
  • provides a single, regional planning document for floodplain management to guide future investment priorities
  • aligns the efforts of various agencies and communities to deliver the outcomes called for by the Victorian Floodplain Management Strategy
  • assesses flood risk across the region against the community’s tolerance for flood risks
  • explores a range of mitigation measures for the identified risks
  • prioritises the actions necessary to put preferred mitigation measures in place
  • uses local knowledge and empowers communities

Useful links

  • East Gippsland Catchment Management Authority is preparing their own Floodplain Management Strategy. Feedback on their draft strategy has now closed. Visit their website for more information www.egcma.com.au.
  • The State Government has developed the Victorian Floodplain Management Strategy for the state. More information about this is available on the Department’s website.