Healthy soils, sustainable farms

Our focus is on building skills and knowledge around soil health, supporting best practice and encouraging innovation. Our aim is to help farmers to maximise efficiency and productivity where soil constraints are a limiting factor.

This includes:

  • salinity
  • erosion
  • compaction
  • pH
  • water
  • grazing management
  • species composition
  • carbon
  • nutrient use efficiency.

Inefficiencies within agricultural systems impact production and profit and can result in environmental pollutants such as sediment and nutrient into waterways, carbon, methane and nitrous oxide into the atmosphere.

The Healthy Soils project helps farmers take the next step in efficiency of production and reduce those losses. We will support best practice by offering a number of farmers the opportunity to undertake management plans. This could include whole farm plans and a variety of other plans that help farmers address their specific areas of concern.

Case studies are available in the Gippsland Soil Trial and Demonstration Directory.

See a snapshot of the achievements of the Healthy Soils Sustainable Farms project in the National Landcare Program Five Year Overview 2013 – 2018.