By improving your irrigation systems, you can save time and money on your farm. Together with Agriculture Victoria and Southern Rural Water, we support Macalister Irrigation District farmers to save time, water, and labour costs and increase production. 

It can be hard to get the right reward for your effort when farming, but upgrading your irrigation system has been shown to significantly reduce labour costs, increase productivity and give you time to focus on other areas of your farm.  

Save water

Staff at Makuru Farms found as well as saving time, labour costs and increasing production, they were also saving significant amounts of water. 

“The upgrades save us a lot more water in a typical season,” explains farm manager, T Finnerty. “We would have run out of water two months ago (in February), now an additional 100 acres can be irrigated all season without worrying about running out.” 

Even better than this, Makuru Farms no longer needs to use their water allocation to water part of their farm.  

“The right hand side of the farm is now all watered by the re-use system which gets the water from under the road after it finishes on the new bays.” 

Save money

Shaun Glendenning upgraded his re-use system in 2017 and has halved his labour costs and significantly improved production. 

“The 32ha catchment area used to be treated as two 16ha areas,” explained Shaun. “Each area took three and half to four days of intense up and down, changing pipes doing a half ordinary job with little short bays that were slow. Now the whole 32ha area can be irrigated in less than 60 hours.  

“The modernisation changes have made labour management a piece of cake compared to the old system.” 

The farm has also seen increased pasture production for their 400 milkers with many areas being sown back to perennial pasture. A larger area is also being irrigated because of the greater water use efficiency in areas that have already been upgraded.  

Download the case study to learn more about how Shaun Glendenning halved labour costs on his farm.

Get more time

Ashley and Lisa Mezenberg upgraded their re-use system in 2013 and reported a reduction in labour time of 32% per irrigation. According to Ashley, he was spending two hours per night setting up and watering for three and a half days per week. 

“All those areas are now captured by the re-use system,” said Ashley. “So, we don’t have the losses down the drain that we used to. It’s much easier to get everything done without the stress of rushing back to change the water.” 

Ashley and Lisa invested some of their own funding to the upgrade, as well as receiving an irrigation incentive from us. 

“Upgrading your irrigation works. It saves time, labour and water.” 

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For more about irrigation in the West Gippsland region, visit the Lake Wellington Land and Water Management Plan page.