What you can do

Working in partnership with others is something we strive to do well. You will find many examples of collaboration and ways to get involved in protecting and enhancing our catchments throughout this website, but especially here in our getting involved section. We hope you are inspired.

There are a number of ways you can help improve catchment health and be involved in better natural resource management. You can

West Gippsland Landcare Gathering

Community Engagement Network (CEN)

Community engagement and partnerships are a key area of focus for us and integral to the existence of CMA’s and pivotal in achieving NRM outcomes and the delivery of the Regional Catchment Strategy (RCS).

In 2018, we established the Community Engagement Network (CEN), a group that could be drawn on to provide advice as required, provide a forum for information exchange and increase advocacy for NRM in the region. The intention of the network is to provide a modern and flexible approach to community engagement.

Applications for new members are now open

We are currently looking for new members to join our Community Engagement Networks for a period of three years. The new-look CEN is an expansion of the previous Community Advisory Groups and aims to engage a wide cross section of the community to exchange information about natural resource management (NRM) issues in our region.

Several times a year the Network will get together in West Gippsland’s beautiful environment to take a look at the work we do and discuss issues facing the community. In between gatherings, we will link members and provide them with opportunities for input to relevant plans and strategies.

  • Members will be appointed by the WGCMA board for a three year term and will be remunerated for their time (not eligible for remuneration if a government employee.)

While members will not represent a group or organisation, there may be members of your group or organisation who are able to provide a community perspective and advocate for NRM issues that are important to your group. Successful candidates will also be able to bring information back and share with your group and other members of the community.

The WGCMA board will select members with the aim of achieving:

  • A geographic spread of individuals
  • Diversity and inclusion principles
  • A range of industry experience, interests and demographics
  • A balance of skills, knowledge, or community involvement in NRM.

The Board considers the following criteria in the appointment of CEN members:

  • Familiarity with the West Gippsland region and preferably residing within it
  • Community connection, networks and participation
  • Some understanding of NRM issues.

Applications are now open and must to be submitted by 5pm on Friday 4 March, 2022.

For more information, please read the CEN Charter or contact:

Tash Marty Cripps
Partnership and Engagement Project Officer
tashm@wgcma.vic.gov.au or call 0473 000 241

Lyrebird Awards

Every three years our Board recognises the significant contribution of community groups and individuals to catchment health through the WGCMA Lyrebird Awards.

John Poppins, Paul Speirs and Yarram Yarram Landcare Network were our three winners from the 2013 Awards. Watch the stories of John and Paul for inspiration and ideas on how you can get involved.

John Poppins on his natural resource management journey

Paul Speirs on his natural resource management journey