Gippslandscapes archive 2021

Gippslandscapes is an occasional podcast,¬†highlighting the many people doing great things caring for the environment and improving the landscapes of our region.¬† Whether they are farmers, “townies” involved in Landcare, or just someone with a passion to make the region a better place.

Each episode will feature one person or group. Previous episodes are available in the Gippslandscapes Archive by clicking on the link below and are searchable wherever you get your podcasts.

The Gippslandscapes Archive 


Gippslandscapes 2021

Episode 48: So, that’s 2021 then?

Episode 47: Regen Ag Revisited

Episode 46: Native Title and Traditional Owners relationship with land and water in West Gippsland.

Episode 45: Love, love and more love for our Lakes – special road trip in the pod Ferrari

Episode 44 : Habitat Restoration with Marty Potts from Greening Australia

Episode 43 : The Great Australian Platypus Search – like one of those CSI shows – but looking for platypus!

Episode 42 : Controlling pests on Dream Island and protecting native wildlife.

Episode 41 : The fascinating story of ‘multi-story farming’ with Clinton Tepper

Episode 40: Trees wonderful trees!

Episode 39: It’s glorious now, but in a little while this place will be amazing!

Episode 38: Chris bought a beef farm, then improved it.

Episode 37:

Episode 36: Improving the land to benefit Corner Inlet

Episode 35:

Episode 34: Revegetating the southern slopes of the Strzelecki’s – a walk through time.

Episode 33: 100 years of Landcare for the two Davids.

Episode 32: International Women’s Day 2021 – how the water and natural resource management sector are working to make a difference

Episode 31: Why the Alpine Peatlands are so unique and why they are worth protecting

Episode 30: Bouncing around in a 4wd – a wonderful example of wetland restoration on the Albert River

Episode 29: Meerlieu Cover Cropping Trial – a more sustainable way of farming?