Landholder programs

Through our landholder programs we work together to achieve better productivity and environmental results. Each of the programs operate differently and you may need to apply during a given period to get involved. Read the details below for more information.

Revegetation and river management:
a landholder’s perspective

Corner Inlet Landholder, Gavin Egan, has spent the
last 25 years undertaking on-ground works such as
those above. In this short video featured on this page we
visit his amazing property to learn about the productivity
and environmental benefits he has experienced as a result
of this work.

If you would like to express interest in undertaking these
on-ground works please call us today.

On ground works

We are able to contribute funding and expertise to approved
on ground works in our priority areas. This work is aimed at improving
water quality and river health and can include:

  • fencing of creeks and rivers
  • replanting of native vegetation along the waterways
  • stream bed and bank stabilisation
  • removal of exotic weeds including willows
  • reinstatement of  billabongs and old river meanders
  • fencing of remnant and riparian vegetation


Delivered in partnership with GippsDairy, the Fert$mart will help
with your soil and fertility management.

Benefits of Fert$mart include

  • on farm savings of nutrients resulting in financial rewards
  • determining the right product for your soils, at the right rates
  • nutrients being retained on farm resulting in less nutrients entering waterways

Visit for more information

This program is currently closed.

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CORE 4 aims to keep nutrients and sediment on farm.
This makes good sense as it contributes to productivity,
turns run-off back into an asset and helps improve the
health of local waterways.

This program is currently closed.

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Fencing and trees on a worksite on the Agnes River
Fencing and trees on a worksite on the Agnes River

Multi-species cover crop trial Newry

Our Lands Team is currently working with a private landholder in Newry to assess the efficacy of multi-species cover crop as a way of improving water retention in the soils and sequestering carbon.

We will have the results of this trial towards the end of 2020.

There is a longer version of this video here.

Irrigation in the Macalister Irrigation District, photo credit Craig Moodie and DELWP


Newry farmers are being offered whole farm plans at no cost as part of the next phase of the modernisation of the Macalister Irrigation District pipeline.

These irrigation farm plans help farmers discover where they can save time, money and significant amounts of water.

While the construction of the Newry pipeline will be managed by Southern Rural Water, we are managing the Irrigation Farm Plan part of the modernisation program.

More information about the project is available here.

Proposed modernisation of the Newry Irrigation System
Proposed modernisation of the Newry Irrigation System

Macalister Irrigation District (MID) Irrigation Efficiency Incentive Program

This program funds on-farm projects to:

  • support irrigators linking to delivery system modernisation activities
  • improve water quality and protect the health of the Gippsland Lakes
  • improve water-use efficiency and reduce nutrient run-off
  • reduce problems associated with water logging and salinity
  • support an increasingly productive irrigation sector with reduced impacts on the environment and public assets

Rebates are available for:

  • new irrigation farm plans
  • updated irrigation farm plans
  • irrigation reuse system
  • flood to spray irrigation conversions
  • best practice surface irrigation upgrades

For further information please contact the Agriculture Victoria Irrigation team in Maffra on (03) 5147 0800.

Page reviewed and updated September 17th 2020