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Personal Protective Equipment & Clothing (PPE)

The West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority (WGCMA), require all contractors and their staff to wear appropriate personal protective equipment/clothing, that complies with the relevant Australian Standards.

Hearing protection

Hearing protection that complies with AS1270 must be worn in areas or during operations that have been declared mandatory hearing protection areas. This indicates that the noise level is above the threshold of 85dB(A) and may cause damage to your hearing if it is not protected.

Eye protection

Eye protection that complies with AS/NZS1337:1992 must be worn in areas or during operations declared mandatory eye protection areas or where there is a sign indicating mandatory eye protection.

Safety helmets

Safety helmets that comply with AS1801 must be worn by all contractors and their staff, working in declared mandatory safety helmet areas or where overhead work is being performed that has the potential to cause injury.

High visibility garments

All  contractors and their staff must wear high visibility garments that comply with AS/NZS4602 at all times. We have endorsed fluoro orange as the preferred colour for high visibility garment.


All contractors and their staff working in areas where they may be exposed to harmful airborne contaminants or herbicides must wear the appropriate respirators that comply with AS1716.

Restraint of  hair and clothing

Any contractors or staff with long hair or loose clothing must have it tied back when working with or near machinery.

Safety signs

Appropriate safety signs must be placed in prominent positions upon entry to worksites.

Seat belts

Seat belts, if fitted, must be worn when operating plant or vehicles.