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Total Fire Bans are declared by the Country Fire Authority (CFA), on days when fires are likely to spread rapidly and be difficult to control. On these days, and when working during the high fire danger period, an assessment should be made of the safety of all work sites and whether to continue work:

  • before work commences
  • at midday
  • when wind or other conditions change.

All high–risk activities must stop if there is deemed to be an unacceptable risk
No plant or machinery is to be operated on days of TOTAL FIRE BAN
Read more at about what you can and can’t do during Fire Danger Periods and on Total Fire Ban days.

Always consider the following:

  • Confirm your communication options – do you have phone signal, are radio/satellite phone backups available for high-risk locations?
  • Potential access issues and escape routes in the event of fire
  • Regularly monitor local ABC Radio and CFA websites and Phone Apps
  • Limit the distance you work away from vehicles or safe areas on high fire danger days
  • Has the project site or property been prepared for bushfire
  • Fire extinguishers are located in WGCMA owned vehicles.

The Victorian Bushfire Information Line is 1800 240 667

To report a fire dial Triple Zero (000)