The West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority (WGCMA), is a Victorian State Government authority with responsibility to manage land and water resources and undertake waterway management activities across South, Central, and West Gippsland.

The WGCMA is committed to and obliged to manage Work Health and Safety, and the environment. We want you to work with us to ensure the highest standard is achieved in these areas.

This Work Health and Safety induction is designed to provide clarity to WGCMA contractors planning and implementing day-to-day work for the WGCMA.

Representatives from all contractors are required to complete this induction before any works can commence.

The purpose of this induction process is to establish a common understanding of our expectations.

This online induction provides details of our expectations and approach so we can achieve this together.

Please read through each topic, then answer the quiz question at the end of each topic. Once this is completed successfully you will be able to move onto the next topic.

At the completion of this induction you will be able to print a certificate and both yourself and the WGCMA will be advised by email that the induction has been successfully completed.

If you have any difficulties completing this induction, please contact us.