Risk Management / Hazard Identification 3 of 3

Site induction

Pre-job safety discussion

  • The West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority project coordinator and contractor staff, must meet on-site to review specific safety requirements, relevant hazards and controls. The resulting SWMS will be read and signed by everyone who enters the worksite.

Emergency procedures

  • Contractors must understand site specific emergency procedures and provide emergency management plans to a standard approved by WGCMA.


  • The contractor must ensure any licences or qualification (eg WorkSafe tickets or accreditations) are current during the contracted period.

First Aid

  • You will provide first aid facilities and suitably qualified staff.  The facilities must meet the minimum requirements as set out in the Compliance Code for First Aid in the Workplace.
  • A supervisor with current Level 2  first aid competency must be on-site at all times.

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) must be available for all dangerous goods used or stored on any work site. All contractors are required to provide a list of all dangerous goods and their MSDS before bringing any chemicals onto work sites. MSDS are available from the chemical company producing the product and should be held for all chemicals, not just those classified as dangerous goods.

Plant and equipment

All plant and equipment will be fit for the purpose intended and all operators must have appropriate licences, competencies and skill to operate it.  Risk assessments must be completed for all plant and provided by the operator to the WGCMA.

Please note: Four wheel motorbikes/ATVs are not to be used at WGCMA sites without approved roll-over protection.