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Multi-species pasture demonstration site field day

When: Thursday 23rd June 2022, 12 to 2pm (BBQ lunch provided)

Hosts: Peter Neaves and Kate Mirams

Facilitator: Jade Killoran (Specialist Cover Crop Agronomist)

Venue: Newry (Please park on McCole St, Newry. See map below)

Our hosts: Kate Mirams and Pete Neaves.

What – The demonstration site is comparing the benefits of multi-species pastures versus a conventional rye grass dominant pasture on an irrigated dairy farm in the Macalister Irrigation District.

Pasture growth, soil health, soil carbon, soil moisture and all inputs are being recorded.

The site has been running since late 2019 when the bays were laser graded.

The first two years utilised annual species to rapidly improve soil health post laser-grading.

The site has now transitioned to perennial species.

For further background on the site, see the videos below.

Everyone is welcome to join us for a walk and talk around the site. Site hosts Peter Neaves and Kate Mirams will be joined by Specialist Cover Crop Agronomist Jade Killoran and expert irrigation agronomists from Agriculture Victoria to discuss the results so far.

Parking for the day - please do not go to Neaves/Mirams farm house.