Fluker post on Rainbow for budding snappers and scientists!

Cowwarr walkers and cyclists have a new opportunity to take a snap and help monitor what’s happening in Rainbow Creek.

West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority (WGCMA) has installed a Fluker Post on the footbridge over the Rainbow, near Cowwarr

“Fluker Posts are part of a partnership between the State Government and Victoria University to photograph waterways around the state, upload the photos and assist in providing a record of how the environment might be changing,” said  David Stork, Waterways Project Officer from the WGCMA.

The Fluker Post is simply a fixed location marked by a post where members of the public can rest their camera or phone and take a photograph.

The Post also has instructions how to upload the photograph to the central database.

“We’ve chosen Rainbow Creek as it’s a relatively new waterway created during floods in the 1950s. Since that time, it has undergone significant changes in size and shape as it settles into the landscape. The waterway is currently in its final transition from a steep banked channel to a softer more sinuous waterway. So, we hope the public can help map that change over coming years,” added David.

Over the 12 years of the Fluker Post project, members of the public have taken more than 14,000 photographs from 161 locations around Victoria, adding to the knowledge of rivers, waterways and inlets considerably.

In Gippsland there are ten Fluker Posts ranging from Wreck Creek in South Gippsland to Cann River in the east.

“These are a great opportunity for members of the public to get involved in scientific study, citizen science if you like.

Most people are carrying a phone so the idea is to make it as easy as possible for someone to take the photograph and share it with both the community but also the people looking at these sites from an environmental point of view,” concluded David.

More information including locations and photographs that have already been uploaded from the sites around Victoria are available at https://www.flukerpost.com/



Simply rest your camera, take the shot and upload to be a part of the Rainbow Creek Fluker Post project