Annual report highlights solid NRM effort

West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority’s 2016/17 Annual Report was recently tabled in Parliament outlining a range of achievements and challenges faced over the year.

Highlights of the year include

  • over 2,956 hectares of weed inspected and treated to protect environmental assets
  • over 363 hectares of vegetation improved and protecting to support biodiversity and river health outcomes
  • more than 9,056 hectares of land set to benefit from completed whole farms plans, irrigation farm plans and soil erosion management plans
  • more than 1,300 megalitres of on farm water saving measures to improve farm productivity and the environment
  • completing our annual Spartina control program in Corner Inlet and Anderson Inlet, where over 276 hectares of control work was completed

You can access our full annual report on our publications page.