Back to school

Twenty students taking part in a summer intensive project at Federation University got some on-ground experience with our Environmental Water team in February.

Jem Milkins and Adrian Clements were approached by the university to do a presentation as part of their Wetlands and Water Resources course.

The students were working on a research project to devise management strategies for a wetland. The university was hoping our staff could give them information about environmental water and provide an insight into working in the industry.

At a visit to Cowwarr Weir, the students inspected the fish ladder and got brief run down of how it works, as well as getting a presentation on Water for the Environment.

“We also talked to them about the local area, its river management history and some of the challenges it faces,” said Jem.

“The visit to Heyfield Wetlands was a chance for the students to see how a community is managing their own wetlands rehabilitation.”

The WGCMA has a long history of supporting the wetlands, especially providing information about plants that fit the Environmental Vegetation Classification recommendations of the area.

Jem said the students were curious to find out how the area was managed.

“They wanted to know what things that can be controlled in this type of environment and the challenges that the wetland faces.

“They were also asking us questions about what our roles entailed and the career path we took to arrive in our current positions.”

With great weather and lots of interested and enquiring students, this a very successful day.