Fresh focus for Landcare training

Wilsons Prom provided a magnificent backdrop for two days of Landcare staff training last month.

Landcare Project Officer, Marnie Ellis, said the training by Siwan Lovett and Pat Gudhka from the Australian River Restoration Centre focused on a fresh approach to managing projects and working together.

“During the two days, Siwan and Pat talked to staff about the importance of knowing why we do what we do.

“Being able to share the focus and passion Landcare has for protecting and rehabilitating our environment is a vital part of working together with local landowners and other agencies.”

The training was attended by Landcare and West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority (WGCMA) staff and included sessions on building relationships, as well as providing practical tools for communication and collaboration.

“We explored ways to inspire your team and how to effectively use social media,” said Marnie.

“Other sessions focused on how to best manage our projects and how we can help others clarify their goals and what they hope to achieve.”

Feedback from the workshops praised the presenters and the relevance of the material, describing it as inspiring and helpful.

“I’ve learned heaps, got some great resources and had some wonderful discussions. I’m looking forward to implementing some new stuff,” said one participant.

“Excellent training with lots of scope for skills development and relationship building techniques,” said another.

There was also time for a little R&R, with people embarking on some of the famous Prom walks and enjoying the beautiful beaches.

“Some of the team went surfing at Squeaky Beach … one person actually got back on a board for the first time in twenty years,” said Marnie.

“The training was an opportunity to improve our skills and connect with other staff and to reflect on why we do what we do.”

This Regional Landcare training was funded by the Victorian Government.

Wilsons Prom was the backdrop for Landcare staff training last month
photo of workshop
Training workshops included practical tips and exercises for participants. Pictured (L to R) during a presentation: John Crosby (Latrobe Catchment Landcare) , Scott Elliot (Yarram Yarram Landcare), Glenn Brooks-Macmillan (South Gippsland Landcare), Anthony Goode (WGCMA).