Hall’s commitment to monitoring commended

For the last 13 years a Boolarra citizen scientist has carefully monitored the water quality at two sites along the Morwell River, contributing hours of in-kind work and data.

Alan Hall is ‘retiring’ as a Waterwatch volunteer after completing almost 300 monitoring events near the Morwell River falls and at Apex Park in Boolarra.

West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority’s Water Projects Officer and local Waterwatch Coordinator, Jemima Stirling, said it was hard to value Alan’s contribution.

“Waterwatch volunteers are worth their weight in gold,” said Jemima. “And Alan has been one of our most dedicated volunteers for the last 13 years.

“Each time Alan monitors he takes all sorts of water quality indicators that include water temperature, air temperature, pH levels, electrical conductivity and phosphorus.

“This data is used by local groups, such as the Boolarra South Landcare Group, and also organisations like ours. Having this dataset will be incredibly valuable in years to come as we continually monitor the health of our waterways.”

Waterwatch has been running since 1993 and all data collected is stored on a state database that can be accessed here www.vic.waterwatch.org.au/water_data_portal.php.

“We really do rely on citizen scientists like Alan to collect this data,” continued Jemima. “Without their contribution we wouldn’t have this information. Most of our volunteers, like Alan, are local people with an interest in their local environment and waterways.”

There are many Waterwatch sites across West Gippsland and the site is free to access. If you’re curious about your local waterway go to www.vic.waterwatch.org.au/water_data_portal.php

To register your interest in citizen science opportunities in Gippsland, contact us.

Picture of man completing water quality monitoring
Waterwatch volunteer Alan Hall completing water quality monitoring in Morwell River.