Have your say on sustainable irrigation

Farmers and irrigators can have their say on the Lake Wellington Land and Water Management Plan which aims to ensure the catchment continues to be an attractive irrigation region and its valuable environmental and cultural features are protected.

WGCMA Chief Executive Officer, Martin Fuller, said the aim of the plan is to involve irrigators in programs that save water, increase productivity and retains nutrients and soil on farms.

“This plan builds on more than 20 years’ successful work by irrigators, agencies and community through the Macalister Land and Water Management Plan and West Gippsland Salinity Management Plan.

“Through these plans more than 34 gigalitres of water is saved per year by irrigators. This is equivalent to more than 13,000 Olympic sized swimming pools per year, or around 20% of the volume of Lake Glenmaggie.

“More than 36,000 hectares of land are now covered by irrigation farm plans,” continued Mr Fuller.

The Plan aims to improve water quality in our rivers and wetlands and help prevent algal blooms in the Gippsland Lakes.

“Within the Plan there are opportunities for farmers to participate in irrigation farm planning, an increased emphasis on reducing the amount of nutrient leaving farms and initiatives to improve on-farm energy efficiency,” continued Mr Fuller.

“This is a good opportunity for farmers to have their say on the Plan and the incentives and programs that will be available over the coming years.

“We have some specific questions that we’d like farmers to answer about the Plan including barriers to participating in programs and about the changes the Plan proposes to make to the irrigation farm planning framework.”

Feedback on the plan is open until Thursday, 15 March. You can access a full copy of the plan at www.wgcma.vic.gov.au and follow the links from the homepage.

To give your feedback please email caitlinp@wgcma.vic.gov.au or send via mail to PO Box 1374, Traralgon 3844.