Healthy rivers support healthy communities

Healthy rivers supply water for towns, farms and businesses and contribute to local economies through industries such as agriculture, fishing and tourism.

Healthy rivers and wetlands make our towns more liveable and contribute to the physical and mental wellbeing of our community.

To do this, our rivers and wetlands need help to make sure their ecological health is maintained.

Water for the environment has been released into the Thomson, Latrobe and Macalister rivers this autumn to give these systems and their wetlands a much-needed boost.

According to West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority’s Environmental Water Officer, Steph Suter, these water releases helped build on the success of previous years.

“We’re developing a better understanding of the life stages of our native fish, so these environmental water releases have been planned with fish movements in mind,” explained Ms Suter.

“The Australian grayling is a native fish that will benefit from these releases. At this time of year, the grayling moves from upstream river reaches, down to the saltier waters found in the lower sections of the Latrobe River and Lake Wellington. This is an important part of their breeding cycle which will be triggered by this water release

“After a dry summer, water released in autumn will help connect dry or low sections of river to allow fish to move up and downstream as their life stages require. continued Ms Suter.

The autumn water for the environment release was planned to coincide with the ANZAC day public holiday and the preceding weekend to allow recreation users to take advantage of higher river flows.

Water for the environment is water managed to maintain the health of rivers and wetlands.

To keep up-to-date with our releases of water for the environment, visit our website and sign up for notifications.