irrigation incentives extended

Farmers in the Macalister Irrigation District have an extra month to apply for funding for irrigation upgrades under the Irrigation Efficiency Incentives Program.  

WGCMA Land Programs Coordinator Anthony Goode said that the closing date for the current round of the Irrigation Efficiency Incentives Program had been extended by a month to Friday 17 April as there is still some funding available.    

“If irrigation upgrades have been on your to-do list, we suggest you get your application in as soon as possible,” he said.   

The Irrigation Efficiency Incentives Program has been running for 20 years now and has been highly successful. Future funding will not be confirmed until the State budget announcement later this year, so irrigators should take this opportunity to get applications in for funding this financial year.”   

The MID Irrigation Efficiency Incentives Program is run by the West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority (WGCMA) and Agriculture Victoria and is funded by the Victorian Government’s Sustainable Irrigation Program.  

Anthony said if the program received more applications than could be funded, a reserve list would be created.   

“Obviously we want to support irrigators to upgrade their systems,” Mr Goode said. “If we receive more applications than available funding can meet, our reserve list will be used if and when more irrigation project funding becomes available.”  

Eligible projects are allocated on a first come, first serve basis. The sooner irrigators get their applications in, the greater the chance of them being funded. 

 “By improving irrigation systems farmers find they are able to put their water entitlement to better use. This saves money and water and can help improve farm productivity.” 

 For more information and to establish your eligibility for the program, contact Anthony Goode on 5175 7844. 

Published Thursday 2nd April 2020

Irrigation in the Macalister Irrigation District, photo credit Craig Moodie and DELWP
Irrigation in the Macalister Irrigation District at the Clyne property