Kathleen named National Young Landcare Leader.

Inverloch’s Kathleen Brack has been named at the National Landcare Awards in Brisbane as the Austcover Young Landcare Leader of the year.

Kathleen is the Regional Landcare Program Officer at West Gippsland Catchment Authority (WGCMA).

WGCMA CEO, Martin Fuller, said it was fantastic to see Kathleen’s dedication to and work within Landcare acknowledged at the national level.

“Kathleen has done a great job of supporting our five local Landcare networks as well as attracting young people to the Landcare movement across Gippsland,” said Mr Fuller.

“She did this by running an Intrepid Retreat at Wilson’s Promontory which included leadership activities, connecting with nature and working with the local friends’ group.

“From this, Gippsland Intrepid Landcare was formed. As a founding member, she has run engaging and interesting events, while displaying great leadership and encouraging others to get involved.

“Kathleen is changing the way the Landcare story is being told in our region,” continued Mr Fuller.

Talk to the Hand, Stories of Landcare is a podcast created, written and recorded by Kathleen Brack with the support of WGCMA.

In accepting her award, Kathleen acknowledged the Landcare networks and groups in Gippsland.

“Only one per cent of this award goes to me,” said Ms Brack. “The other 99% goes to the Landcare groups in Gippsland who are the most amazing and inspiring people.

“Many of these people have been working in Landcare, improving their local environment, longer than I’ve been alive.”

Landcare is a grassroots movement that harnesses individuals and groups to protect, restore and sustainably manage Australia’s natural environment and its productivity. Groups that fall under the Landcare umbrella work on a diverse range of environmental projects and include farmers embracing sustainable farm management and any community group that partakes in volunteer environmental activities.

To find out more about being involved in Landcare in Gippsland visit www.wgcma.vic.gov.au and follow the links from the homepage.

Kathleen Brack (left) with Bass Coast Landcare legend Paul Spiers