Korumburra Landcare Group

The Korumburra Landcare group formed in 1994 and covers the upper Powlett catchment, which starts in Main Street, Korumburra. The group is currently made up of 50% original farmers and 50% new arrivals.

In the last 12 months the group have managed to get 52,000 plants in the ground on member’s properties over the planting season. They have hosted people from all parts of the world to look at the great Landcare work being undertaken and they have welcomed Sire David Attenborough to film giant gippsland earthworms.

The group has a strong involvement in working with the local primary and secondary school and has directly funded a number of junior Landcare activities.

They have participated in the Creek link project and the majority of creek line in the group area has been revegetated and fenced from cattle and all paddocks have shelter.

The group has held a number of memorable social evenings and meetings. Burke and Bronwyn Brandon of Prom Country Cheese recently put on a splendid meal featuring their local produce and cheeses followed by a talk by Dallas Wyatt, highlighting the increased bird biodiversity in revegetated plots.

The Korumburra Landcare group were recognised for their incredible contribution to the environment at our recent Green Carpet Awards.