Landcare projects delivered

West Gippsland’s five Landcare Networks, have successfully delivered 26 individual Landcare projects between them as part of the 2016/17 Victorian Landcare grants.

These projects were located right across the West Gippsland region from the Powlett River mouth near Kilcunda to the Gippsland Plains near Sale.

During the year 17,650 indigenous tubestock were planted and 14.59 kilograms of seed was sown to revegetate a total of 45.61 hectares of land. Revegetation corridors not only improve biodiversity they also assist with shelter and shade on farms.

A further 36.20 hectares of remnant bush was protected with grants made available for fencing and 26.18 hectares of bush was improved by supplementary planting to restore sites. 17,238 kilometres of stock-proof fencing was also constructed this will control the stock access from both remnant and new revegetation sites.

Support was also provided to landholders to control 67.31 hectares of woody weeds.

A freezing and dry winter in the eastern part of West Gippsland did impact on the ability to undertake direct seeding and the loss of tubestock in some cases, but these will be finalised in the next few months.

The Victorian Landcare Grants are delivered, thanks to the Victorian Landcare Program through the West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority.