Powlett River mouth opened

After a three month closure, the Powlett River Mouth was artificially opened on Friday 7 July. This was in response to conditions which enabled a safe and sustained opening.

West Gippsland Catchment Management CEO, Martin Fuller, said the successful opening showed how much the natural conditions impact the river mouth.

“Monitoring last week showed that conditions were safe for an opening and if we attempted an opening, it was likely to be sustained.”

“We then worked quickly with Parks Victoria to approve the artificial opening for Friday morning.”

“If left alone, the mouth of the Powlett would have reopened naturally in time, however due to the effect of inundation on surrounding private land and roads, the need to artificially open the mouth when the conditions were suitable, was important. Risks to environmental values in the estuary are also considered, including water quality.”

“Any decision to intervene is not made lightly,” continued Mr Fuller. “The Powlett River and its estuary are well loved by the coastal community and the health of the river is extremely important”.