Be part of the project at Rainbow Creek

Rainbow Creek in central Gippsland has had a colourful history since forming as a ‘break away’ from the Thomson River in the 1950s after a series of floods.

In December 2018, West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority (WGCMA) held a community forum in Cowwarr, kicking off an important project at Rainbow Creek.

According to WGCMA CEO, Martin Fuller, there have been many changes to Rainbow Creek since it initially formed.

“Recent investigations tell us that under extreme flood conditions, there is an increased risk of the Thomson River creating a new channel into Rainbow Creek,” said Mr Fuller. “When Rainbow Creek first formed it resulted in major disruption to landholders – including loss of productive land and access issues to property.

“We want to work on a management plan for Rainbow Creek to address the risk of a new ‘break away’ forming as well as take this opportunity to get the community involved in planning the future directions for Rainbow Creek and the broader area.

“We’re looking for six community representatives with an interest in Rainbow Creek to join the Project Working Group to help guide the project.”

The Project Working Group’s primary role is to collaborate with WGCMA’s project team. This will include things like, contributing local knowledge and history, identifying important features of the area, helping fill knowledge gaps, providing feedback on the evaluations of options and share information with the wider community to ensure a range of views are captured in the project.

“Project Working Group members will be asked to attend meetings and workshops and review, comment and give feedback on reports and presented information,” continued Mr Fuller.

“We would like the group to reflect the interests and views of the community. This might include farming interests, recreational interests, the views of long-term residents as well as those new to the community.”

Expressions of interest are due Friday, 1 February to Caitlin Pilkington. You can email or call 1300 094 262, and provide the details below:

  • Full name
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Property Location (address and location – Rainbow Creek or other)
  • Interest / industry: farming (type) / town resident / recreation / other interest
  • Number of years living in the area
  • Main reason why you want to be on the Project Working Group

The draft terms of reference for the group are available on the WGCMA website.

  • Download the draft Terms of Reference for the Project Working Group here.
  • To place an Expression of Interest in being part of the group, email or call 1300 094 262
  • If you don’t wish to be part of the Project Working Group but want to be kept informed and provide feedback a series of public meetings will be held during the development of the plan, please email