Water releases for the environment in winter

Water for the environment will be released down the Thomson and Macalister rivers over winter to help trigger the downstream migration and spawning of Australian bass and tupong.

Environmental Water Resources Officer, Minna Tom, said the Thomson and Macalister rivers both provide water for towns, industry and food production.

“Water for the environment is set aside in water storages and is released to support the animals and plants that live in rivers and wetlands,” explained Minna.

“We help plan the water releases based on climate forecasts, past flows and current science on the types of flows that animals and plants need.

“The releases in winter are planned to trigger fish migration, but if nature provides these increased flows through high rainfall then we cancel the water release.”

Water for the environment doesn’t impact on the security of water supply or access to irrigation water.

“Water released will be kept within the stream channel and will be well below minor flood levels,” continued Minna.

“They won’t impact on properties or assets next to the rivers either.”

For more information about water for the environment visit our website, or check out this cool video on why we have water for the environment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6QLLNsc3nk

You can also subscribe to get notifications about when water releases are planned. https://www.wgcma.vic.gov.au/our-region/waterways/current-environmental-water-releases