When rivers are healthy, everyone shares the benefits

When it’s dry, the environment needs water too. That’s why environmental flows will be released in the Macalister, Thomson and Latrobe rivers at the start of November.

West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority’s (WGCMA) CEO, Martin Fuller said during dry times, these environmental flows are a life support for the river.

“Environmental flows released in November will help encourage fish migration and give vegetation on the banks of the rivers a much-needed drink,” said Mr Fuller.

“Like our community, we’re concerned about the dry conditions which is why we’re using the limited amount of water for the environment we do have carefully.”

This release of water in the three rivers will mean that wetlands near Lake Wellington also receive much needed watering.

“If this season continues to be dry, the rivers and wetlands that receive these environmental flows will be extremely important drought refuges for native fish, birds, frogs and other wildlife,” continued Mr Fuller.

“When rivers are healthy, everyone shares the benefits. Healthy rivers mean healthy communities. Over Cup Weekend, the Thomson River will be noticeably higher and with more water in the system, it will be popular with kayakers and canoeists.”

This environmental flow has been planned to give the best possible results for rivers and the wetlands at the end of the river system. The release will start on 31 October, with peak flow expected from 3 to 6 November, reducing to base flows on 11 November.

The environmental flows do not impact on the security of water supply or access to irrigation water.

Water released will be kept within the stream channel and will be well below minor flood levels.

They won’t impact on properties or assets next to the rivers either.

To find out more about water for the environment, including specific river heights and timing for this environmental flow, visit www.wgcma.vic.gov.au. Follow the links from the homepage or search for “water for the environment”. You can also sign up to receive notifications for future environmental flows.

Heart Morass dry
When it's dry the environment needs water too. Environmental flows released in November will help encourage fish migration.