Wonderful contribution to Landcare

Leon and Cathy Trembath were recognised for their wonderful contribution to Landcare at our recent Green Carpet awards.

They have been active at every level of Landcare, as members and leaders, concerned with conservation, indigenous species, landscape restoration and community involvement. Their covenanted 85 acre revegetated bush property is a personal Landcare example.

Cathy migrated to Australia in 2004 but began participating in Landcare seed collecting and planting projects during her first several visits to Australia in 2001.

The vibrant eucalypts growing along the Jack River on the boundary of their property are one amazing example of Landcare participation from the collection of seed, germination and planting for the regeneration of habitat.

In addition to positions in their local Landcare group, Leon served as Chairman of the Yarram Yarram Landcare Network for six years and also as chair of GippsLandcare. As a YYLN board member, Cathy assisted in setting up what was then the new YYLN board structure, the Yarram Seedbank and the Employment Steering Committee.

Through Leon’s vision, the Jack and Albert River Restoration project (JARR) was created and he was instrumental in creating the partnership with the Wettenhall Foundation for this nationally recognised program.

Together they worked to create the Victorian Landcare Council (VLC), established in 2008 to be a voice for the interests of community Landcare to various levels of governments.

Leon served as its inaugural chair, Cathy as the volunteer “Exec coordinator”. Leon was the catalyst in the birth of the National Landcare Network, where both he and Cathy served on the initial working group for the NLN, always highlighting need for community voices.

Well done Leon and Cathy.