Landscape Priority Areas

Landscape Priority Areas (LPAs) are the focus of the West Gippsland Regional Catchment Strategy. These areas have high environmental values and are at most immediate risk, they require our attention during the life of the strategy. In the West Gippsland region there are seven Landscape Priority Areas. There is more information about what we aim to achieve within each Landscape Priority Area in the West Gippsland Regional Catchment Strategy.

Wilsons Promontory

The Wilsons Promontory area is defined by Wilsons Promontory National Park and the surrounding marine waters out to three nautical miles. Tidal River, Darby River, Sealers Creek and the Wilsons Promontory wetlands are included.


Bunurong Coastal

The Bunurong Coastal area stretches from San Remo in the west to Sandy Point in the east. It includes the Lower Powlett and Lower Tarwin rivers, Anderson Inlet and Shallow Inlet.


Strzelecki Ranges

The Strzelecki Ranges area extends from Warragul in the north through to Foster and the Hoddle Range in the south. It includes rich red soils, Tarra Bulga National Park and the Upper Tarra River.


Victorian Alps

The Victorian Alps area includes Noojee, Erica, Walhalla, Aberfeldy, Licola and the upper reaches of the Avon, Thomson, Macalister and Latrobe rivers. Including the Baw Baw Plateau, Lake Tali Karng and parts of the Avon Wilderness and Alpine National Parks.


Gippsland Lakes and Hinterland

The Gippsland Lakes and Hinterland area extends from Cowwarr Weir in the west, around the Macalister Irrigation District boundary to Lake Wellington and Loch Sport in the south. It includes the Red Gum Plains, part of the Gippsland Lakes, and the lower reaches of the Thomson, Latrobe, Avon and Perry rivers.



The Mullungdung area includes the Giffard Plains, Jack Smith Lake, Seaspray, Merriman Creek, part of the 90 Mile Beach and the Gippsland Coastal Plains.


Corner Inlet Nooramunga

The Corner Inlet Nooramunga area is the coastal area stretching south of Yanakie around to McLoughlins Beach and Bruthen Creek in the east. It includes the Corner Inlet Ramsar site, Nooramunga Marine and Coastal Park, Gippsland Coastal Plains the Agnes and Franklin Rivers.


Areas outside LPAs

Work will also need to be done outside of the Landscape Priority Areas as they will have flow on effects to the priority areas and still contribute to the health of our region.