Our projects cover multiple Landscape Priority Areas, select from the projects below for more information about our major projects.

Headwater Willow Control Program 2016-2020

The headwater tributaries of our waterways are often of the highest quality, surrounded by native vegetation and providing high quality water and habitats. One of the few threats to the ongoing function of these systems is invasion by introduced weed species such as Willows.

Working with Landcare groups to improve catchment health

Over the last five years, WGCMA has worked with Landcare groups right across the region to improve catchment health and rehabilitate the landscape. Hear some of the stories of this work.

Thomson River Fishway 2017-2019

The Thomson River Fishway is an exciting project that will help improve the health of an entire river system and protect the future of a vulnerable species of fish. Works began on the fishway in February 2019 and have now been completed. The walking track and access to the tunnel was opened to the public on Saturday 31 August.

Corner Inlet Connections

Corner Inlet is one of the most unique natural wonderlands in Australia supporting outstanding environmental values. It is listed as a wetland of international significance under the Ramsar Convention. Corner Inlet is home to the amazing marine and coastal parks of Corner Inlet and Nooramunga, as well as the unique intertidal mudflats and barrier islands west of 90 Mile Beach.

Heart Morass

Heart Morass is a large wetland wedged between two Ramsar sites, at the confluence of the Thomson and Latrobe rivers near Sale. The wetland area was previously used for heavy grazing and it suffered from acid sulphate soils and salinity. Active engagement of the local community has been fundamental to the success of the project; today the entire Heart Morass complex covers around 1,800 hectares.

River Blackfish

A ground-breaking project to relocate river blackfish to rehabilitated areas in the Tarwin River.

Silcocks Hill

Just outside of Toora is Silcocks Hill this was once a piece of degraded farm land. Runoff from this land was affecting waterways flowing into Corner Inlet. We are working with the landholders to reduce nutrient loads entering the Ramsar listed Corner Inlet marine and coastal park.

Alpine Peatlands

The Alpine Peatlands project aims to improve the health of the ecological community found in the Alpine region including Baw Baw National Park and Mount Howitt to Mount Wellington. Alpine peatlands only occur in small pockets across Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory. The Australian Government has funded this project from 2013 to 2018.

Red Gum Grassy Woodlands

The Gippsland Red Gum Grassy Woodland and Associated Native Grassland is a nationally-listed critically endangered ecological community. This project focuses on the Red Gum Grassy Woodlands in the Briagolong/Stratford areas and is funded by the Australian Government from 2013-2018. The Red Gum Grassy Woodlands are important because of their unique biodiversity and they have a distinctive place within the Australian landscape.

Lake Wellington Land and Water Management Plan

 The Lake Wellington catchment includes the Macalister Irrigation District (MID) and other irrigation areas including around the Upper Latrobe. Irrigated agricultural land in the catchment is dominated by dairy cattle, and also supports a growing horticulture sector as well as beef cattle and some cropping.