Regional Catchment Strategy

The West Gippsland Regional Catchment Strategy (RCS) is the main strategic framework for land, water and biodiversity management in our region. Government departments, community groups and individuals with an interest in the environment use it. It identifies what needs to be done to protect and enhance natural resources and the environment over the next six years.

Mid term review of the RCS

A mid-term review of the RCS has highlighted its successful implementation, with 33 of the 36 strategic actions currently being delivered by us and our regional partners. The review was conducted over three months from October – December 2016 and involved a series of targeted stakeholder workshops across the region, one-on-one interviews, and an online survey.

Download results of the review

Environmental challenges

The RCS identifies seven environmentally important areas in our region called Landscape Priority Areas (LPAs) and describes the main environmental challenges facing these areas. These include:

  • land use pressure (e.g. timber harvesting, land and livestock management)
  • vegetation clearing
  • urban and industrial development
  • poor water quality (as the result of excess nutrients, sedimentation, oil spills and other pollutants)
  • soil salinity and erosion
  • invasive plants and animals
  • disturbance of potential acid sulphate soils
  • climate variability related extreme events (e.g. wildfire, flood, storm surge and sea level rise).

Objectives and actions

The RCS identifies 20 year environmental objectives and actions to address these challenges, which include improving or maintaining:

  • native vegetation quality, extent and connectivity
  • threatened flora and fauna species conservation status
  • soil health
  • water quality
  • coastal dune integrity
  • the health of the marine environment.

The RCS also aims to preserve Aboriginal cultural heritage sites, minimise flood damage to the floodplain and its occupants and encourage sustainable land management practices.

Using the RCS

The RCS provides a vision for the future of the natural environment in our region and identifies areas of most importance. It provides a framework that any individual, group or organisation can use to guide natural resource management decisions. It can also help support funding applications for work that you would like to complete in your local area.

The RCS can help you get a better understanding of the environmental issues in your region.

Your copy of the RCS

You can download a copy of the RCS or email for a hardcopy.