Regional Catchment Strategy

The West Gippsland Regional Catchment Strategy (RCS) is the primary integrated planning framework for land, water and biodiversity management in our region.

The RCS is updated every 6 years and we are currently preparing for the renewal to kick off in July 2020.

As this will be our fourth RCS, we will be aiming to build on and evolve our previous version and its achievements.

Integrated Catchment Management (ICM) adopts a whole-of-system approach for land, water and biodiversity planning and delivery for multiple outcomes within and across natural ecosystems. It captures the values and priorities of regional communities and brings together partners from across the catchment region, to identify and respond to challenges that cannot be solved by one organisation or stakeholder alone. Regional Catchment Strategies describe how Integrated Catchment Management is implemented in Victoria.

More information on the RCS 4 renewal is available here.

Keeping everyone up to date

– Regular updates on this page
– Quarterly updates on progress, via our Catchment Snapshot newsletter, subscribe here
– Community and stakeholder workshops and meetings for local areas will be undertaken (timing to be confirmed)
– The draft RCS 4 will be available for community consultation in mid 2021.

Integrated Catchment Management diagram

Review of our current RCS

As part of the process of renewing our RCS, we’ve organised for an independent team to provide a broad review of the existing RCS as well as current and emerging issues.

You can access a copy of this report here.

Do you want more?

If you are interested in attending community stakeholder workshops, please register your interest with Belinda Brennan, RCS Project Manager, via email or call 1300 094 262.

Mid term review of the RCS

A mid-term review of the RCS was undertaken in December 2016 and highlighted its successful implementation, with 33 of the 36 strategic actions currently being delivered by us and our regional partners.

Download results of the review

Your copy of the RCS 3

You can download a copy of the RCS or email for a hardcopy.