Powlett River Estuary

Powlett River Mouth

The Powlett River Mouth is listed as a wetland of national significance and covers 580km². It is a beautiful spot popular with families and for recreational fishing. Many rare and endangered plant and animal species call this estuary home including:

  • saltmarsh and coastal woodland vegetation
  • fish including estuary perch and silver trevally
  • birds including hooded plover, eastern great egret and orange-bellied parrot.

Like many estuaries the Powlett naturally closes its connection to the ocean during low river flows. The conditions that lead to estuary closures are difficult to predict and occur intermittently. Estuary closures are a natural process, one that has helped to shape the unique wetland system at the mouth of the Powlett River.

The following programs and projects have been implemented to ensure the condition of this estuary is maintained and improved.

Powlett River Estuary Management

Estuary Entrance Management Support System

The Estuary Entrance Management Support System is a decision support tool.  We use this to advise of the risks to socio-economic and ecological assets, associated with an artificial opening of an estuary.

Estuary Management Plan

We have developed an Estuary Management Plan (EMP) and three fact sheets.

Powlett River Estuary Management Plan Summary Fact Sheet

Powlett River Estuary Management Plan Values Fact Sheet

Powlett River Estuary Management Plan Threats Fact Sheet

Estuary Management review

An estuary management review was undertaken to establish a better understanding on improving the management of future estuary closures. Trends and patterns, past estuary openings and closures, and potential effects on key values were all analysed. A list of recommendations has been developed to help improve the management and preserve these values into the future. To find out how to get involved in monitoring your estuary, visit our EstuaryWatch page.