Current water releases for the environment

2020 Releases of Water for the Environment

Macalister flows this winter

We are delivering a winter fresh followed by a base flow in the Macalister River, starting Monday 9 June. The purpose of the fresh is to trigger downstream migration and spawning for native species, such as tupong and Australian bass. The purpose of the baseflow, following the fresh, is to provide what we call “longitudinal connectivity” – which essentially means providing enough depth in the river to allow continued fish and other fauna movement up and down the river to access food and habitat.

In the Macalister River, releases from Lake Glenmaggie are reduced during autumn to early winter, as this is the typical filling period for the dam and consumptive/irrigation demand is low, so it is important to support the river with these additional flows.

What will I notice?

There will be slight increase in river height during the peak flow periods. The start and end dates, expected flow rates and estimated river heights for the water release are listed below.

Start and end date of water release* 9th – 30th June (peaking 10th – 14th June)

Highest flow expected  700 megalitres per day

Estimated water level in river during highest flow** ~<0.7m Macalister River below Lake Glenmaggie

Start and end date of water release* 17th April – 30th June (peaking 20th – 23rd April) 

Highest flow expected  230 megalitres per day

Estimated water level in river during highest flow** ~ approximately 0.4 m at Thomson River at Coopers Creek 

*Note: these dates may change due to natural events or operational issues.  

** This is an estimate and may vary slightly depending on inflows from tributaries and orders from other entitlement holders, natural losses in rivers and travel time of the water release – this is particularly the case for lower sections of these rivers 

There will be no impact on the security of water supply or access to irrigation water. The water release will be well below minor flood levels and will not impact on properties or assets next to these rivers. 

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