Current water releases for the environment

2020 Releases of Water for the Environment

Spring releases are planned in the Thomson River. This release of water for the environment benefits water-dependent vegetation. River and weather conditions are monitored closely in the lead up to any water for the environment release and during the actual release of water. This release will only go ahead in the right conditions and if there is no risk of flooding.

Details of these releases are

Start date: 28 September 2020

End date: 10 October 2020

Peak flow: between 29 September and 5 October

Max flow rate: At Coopers Creek 800 ML per day

Estimated water level in the river during the highest flow: 0.6 metres at Coopers Creek.

These dates may change due to natural rainfall events or operational issues. We’ll keep this page up to date, so please check back in for changes.

The details above are an estimate and may change slightly due to rainfall and runoff in the catchment.

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