Previous Projects

You can look back on some of our previous projects to discover more about our achievements to date.

Some of these include Heart Morass, Headwater Willow Control and Working with Landcare Groups to Improve Catchment Health.

Corner Inlet Connections

Corner Inlet is one of the most unique natural wonderlands in Australia, supporting outstanding environmental values.

Headwater Willow Control Program 2016-2020

The headwater tributaries of our waterways are often of the highest quality, surrounded by native vegetation and providing high quality water and habitats. One of the few threats to the ongoing function of these systems is invasion by introduced weed species such as willows.

Heart Morass

Heart Morass is a large wetland wedged between two Ramsar sites, at the confluence of the Thomson and Latrobe rivers near Sale.

Protecting our Ponds 2016-2020

Providence Ponds, the Perry River and their tributaries are a type of waterway system know as ‘Chain of Ponds’. The ‘Chain of Ponds’ are described as a waterway consisting of irregularly spaced, deep pools separated by a grassy depression or shallow undefined channel. ‘Chain of Ponds’ system were once common across South-eastern Australia but are now very rare.

Thomson River Fishway 2017-2019

The Thomson River Fishway is an exciting project that will help improve the health of the entire river system and protect the future of a vulnerable species of fish. Works began on the fishway in February 2019, and have now been completed. The walking track and access to the tunnel was opened to the public on Saturday 31 August, 2019.

Working with Landcare Groups to Improve Catchment Health

Over the last five years, we have worked with Landcare groups right across our region to improve catchment health and rehabilitate the landscape. The stories are really very inspiring.