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Publications, news, videos and podcasts, produced by ourselves and the Victorian Environmental Water Holder (VEWH) can be found below, please check back regularly to stay up to date on everything important to Water for the Environment in our region.


WGCMA Seasonal Watering Plan Summary 2021-22 and WGCMA Seasonal Watering Proposal 2021-22 full report

WGCMA Seasonal Watering Plan Summary 2020-21 and WGCMA Seasonal Watering Proposal 2020-21 full report

Victorian Environmental Water Holder Seasonal Watering Plan (latest)

The Victorian Environmental Water Holder has many more publications available showcasing environmental water across the state.

Water for the environment in West Gippsland: Why it matters

Stories of Wirn wirndook Yeerung The Macalister River

Read about how decades of work on the river by the community and government – including environmental flows, is helping to improve the Macalister River, in this publication.

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