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New Guidelines available for development in flood prone areas

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Gippsland Soil Trial and Demonstrations

See what's happening around Gippsland in soil trial and demonstrations.


We're committed to a healthy Corner Inlet

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Thomson River Fishway

A fishway at Horseshoe Bend Tunnel will allow native fish to access more than 80km of pristine waterway.

Farmgate interview

New videos released on Vimeo!

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Following the State Election held on 29 November 2014, there has been a change of Government. This website will be updated accordingly.

The West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority (WGCMA) is responsible for waterway and catchment management across the south-east corner of Victoria, Australia.

Environmental planning and on-ground works are undertaken in a socially responsive, environmentally sensitive manner in compliance with relevant Victorian legislation and in consultation with stakeholders.

The West Gippsland Region provides 95% of Victoria’s electricity, 60% of Melbourne’s water storage capacity, and 20% of Australia’s milk production.

Community, industry and government are working together to restore the health of the Thomson and Macalister Rivers and, ultimately, that of the Gippsland Lakes.

The region’s catchments drain south to Anderson and Corner Inlets, and east to the Gippsland Lakes. Activities within the catchments alter water flows and quality, affecting the health of rivers and these internationally important wetlands.
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